Susan, the first book I read that you have written was "Hannah's Hero". It was a delightful surprise! It kept my interest with tales of real life in the early years of Central TX. It seemed that you as an author, knew the area very well, and had walked every step of the adventures with the characters. It moved like a realistic true life living near the Indians that were native to TX, and those that traveled through the area following their own instincts. Trauma and excitement moved all through the story, and the ending was a surprise and great!
      I grew up in the Panhandle of TX, and our Indians were real, too! The "Adobe Walls Battle" near the Canadian River, still has some ruins of the last battle fought there. Also, one of everyone's favorite is Cynthia Ann Parker, who was kidnapped by the Indians from her home, and her brother was killed by them. The family and law enforcement people looked for a long time but never found her. Years later, after the Indian tribes had settled down some, a white man went to the Indian settlement. He saw a young lady, with dark dirty skin and a child or two. Her eyes were very blue, and he spoke to her and asked her name. She gave him an Indian name. But he knew that she had to have had one parent that was white. So he looked at her carefully and said, "Are you Cynthia Ann Parker?" She did not reply quickly, but later on she started hitting her chest, "I am Cynthia Ann". The man went home and told the living family, in due season they went back and offered the Chief money for her. They took her and the children to the white settlers town.
      Big surprises of the ending of her and her children. I will not tell you, find an old TX history book, or google her in.
      Thank you for stirring and renewing my love for them! My father loved TX history so much, and I heard many of them from him. He was born 1901-d. 2001. In his old age, my husband and I left Houston, retired and moved to Borger, TX, to care for him. Regularly he wanted me to read some of the stories out of my old books-and also would ask me to read his favorite Bible verses.
      Thanks again for the book!
      Sincerely, LaVaye Billings