The Books

The Gus series (and the Club) will teach children self-sufficiency, some survival skills, and will help increase their confidence. The books are fictitious stories about adventure, fun, and wilderness survival. Children are encouraged to go exploring SAFELY and to be sure to pack plenty of food and water before they go exploring! Go to The Gus Club website for more information about these books.

Books are available in Paperback, Kindle, & Audio. 
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Hannah's Hero

Two young teenagers meet on a wagon train in the mid 1800’s. After Jacob saves Hannah's life and they fall in love, Jacob must move on to California with his family and they are separated. Hannah's family settle near the Colorado River in Central Texas. Throughout the book, Hannah and her family endure many hardships and challenges of frontier life. Are Jacob and Hannah destined to be reunited? These courageous pioneers have very strong Christian values. They rely on God for strength, protection, and peace, which He gives them through the power of prayer.